Amongst all imposes I strife away
Resemblance of complex is simple clay
In an appearance we see a sense
Apart from self in one pretence

Resign in form of a higher grain
Intense is love or is it pain
Coherent in applause and apathy
It’s claim on me is new destiny

Under the rain is a seek upon
Hammered a head is wonder down
Crazy maybe you see my song
Don’t think of my head in Babylon

Tender a line of thoughts we sway
Grains of dew keep falling today
Seamless in breaks I find my ice
Poison for self is under my strife

Wonder and amaze keep singing on
Weeping my guitar I strum along
Amazement we seek to loose our few
Pretense comes out when you see me then

Go find yourself maybe I won’t say
I’m mine to me and not your way
Forgetting is easy.. is it now?
We all will go on paths of blunder down

The music ended from me today
Maybe it will, return it’s sway
Why is it, we seek we seek
An answer, only from the meek

In guts and glory and might and thought
Lost are some lands of bridges sought
To burn them down maybe easy
It’s now or never or when paths cross over

To shine away into a cosmic wind
And leave a grace of wonder and filth
It’s compassion maybe but I’ll just pass
The deserved ones get what others might not

~ hayed