I chose to see from their perspective
In glances of wonder and some surprise
Reading a memory it started down
The grandfather’s clock started its round about
Come come said one I’ll take you there
Reluctantly I said maybe someday
No no today is as good as can be
I smiled maybe it’s a different night
In time and glimpses they looked so strange
Maybe it’s closer to run away
I see I see that’s how you are
They asked me if I was a little sane
Yes was easy, but I chose no
To what pleasure did I owe the wonder
The glances grew blind and closer to day
I saw another walk away again
Maybe I’m sure of uncertainty
Surely I’m confused of conformity
When roots go down for good of one
The others latch on in garden songs
Forgive forgive no means to stay
In your wonderland I’ll pause but at your space
Its eyes that talk more than everything. Not
It’s the ways of draining our heads in pot.
A glimpse please peek for maybe I’m right
Today you see me in sunsets might
Ablaze in glory I see your joys
Blessed are they who claim your choice
I think I’ll walk like I always do
Come come won’t work as I adieu
At feet of many and tears of some
The sounds of glory are saved in depths