From the smoke of its path
It emerges like majesty
Over the bridge and under the stars
Steaming a path it flies on

Like a left and right
And a left and right
The wheels go on and on
Reciting themselves
Like poetry to a song
The path is wayward wandering now

I like to just stand at the door
To soak in the country and ghat and shores
To look and gaze at the skies that stay
With trees that start running again

From a bridge we hear the stories that bind
A long lost tale
Of a lovers plight

Some go happy
Some go sad
Some just linger
Some thoughtful tad

A big grey giant
It sometimes is
The few that stay
Stay for the love of it

In early morning snacks
In late night chai’s
With rummy in the groups
And antakshari plans
Some marriages are made
To travel the beast
Some families stay like homes on wheels

The to and fro sway
That gently rocks
Our souls to sleep
And winters meet

3 friends stay up
To share some joy
Two lovers are up
To share their eyes

When children run by
And innocently smile
They know their chaos
Is for a welcome tribe

Like a journey upon
The water and sky
Some under the caves
Some into the clouds

The hoot
The whistle
The porters
And sighs

This journey can end
But will never stop
They are made as giants
For stories to go on

Grey Tin Giants