Goodbye my lover…
Goodbye she said…
Again whenever, we may meet an end
She starts walking away.. He just looks on
They stare…
They stare…
She glimpses
What he is seeing
She knows
What he feels
She undresses
Her mind
And sees him
Her looks sends
His mind into hers
His thought sends
Her body into his
Like a sigh or many
They breathe again
Into one another
And exhale again
He pulls
Her into
She draws
Him into
Her mindlessness
The heat
The sweat
The hair
The rise
The wonder
She closes the door
She cannot walk away
She stares at him
She looks at all his sway
He looks at her
He cannot see
What he just lost
He just cannot see
They walk toward
One another
They walk
Really slow
They walk
Like their shadows
Were kissing their own
She slides down as her drapes fall away
He pushes himself towards the fallen drapes
Like a strain that sheathes
And latches onto another
The grab the other
From walking away
A desert dune… The forest of loom
A drop in calm water… The bump on the skin
He sees her parting lips.. She sees him lost
Fighting their desire… They walk away
Away.. To the door…
She goes and undoes
He keeps his distance… Lest he undress
He knows
She wants
She knows
He cant
They Sigh
And kiss
Their Last luscious Goodbye