if today I’m free, then what was I tomorrow?
if tomorrow I’m bound then what was I the day after?
if I am breaking a trend, will it be left ?
if there is no order, will chaos befriend?
i think or maybe not
i feel or should I now
when glancing at a walk, a reminiscence reminds
of what could be found in the jest of sorrow
it is confusing I know, the exclusion of grammar
it is confusing I know the absence of Caps
it is irritating again to see what I lapse
it can be a state that makes its amends
to categorize someone, something, somewhere cannot be a task
to behave like they care doesn’t seem like a lot
in understatements and announcements they hide their speeches
in mikes and speakers we sell our glitches
i am not stating my confused mind
no no
maybe it is just my way of jest
maybe it is my bloated chest
maybe it is my fear
maybe it is my tear
we could be tomorrow’s
we could have been the day after’s
how would we know when we are
how would we know when we were
i am not placing my aching heart
no no
for when I come and state my presence
for when I come and state my ignorance
for when I come and state my end
for when I come and be my end
you were my tomorrow
you will be my yesterday
you maybe my today
you could be in my sway
I am now stating my heart and mind
yes yes