for in the midst of walking
for amongst the times away
for all the broken warnings
for just sitting so far away

against the days of frolic
against the nights of wonder
against the bridge that mends
against the path of red strays

finding another version for yesterday
finding a vase that is broken
finding a ship that doesn’t drift
finding a face that doesn’t smile

among the cinder and smoky cabins
among the slippery mud filled roads
among another ones shoes that keep breaking
among their graves I walk in peace

they look upon it all in awe
and wonder how it still stays pure
to break it again to try and bend
if reflective joys and sorrows pretend

a break from the vase is what is done
whistling with intent to the slaughters house
whence under lilacs we sleep and stare
down into the sky that breaks

coming away into cycling streams
under a glacier of wanted needs
maybe the time to stay awake
is what a penance for good will make

Penance for the Good !