Glancing lights toward sheepish smiles

A walk in jest is springing up

Away from the silence the hound is reminded

In acceptance of a word the grim does frown


Like walking against the cool afternoon breeze

In the autumn rush seeing fallen shadows

Of ropes and strings that hang from broken poles

The chaotic murmurs start filling around


A cramped up sky fell under the stars

With still waters creating ripples in the mist

A gaze of the moon light strikes the twilight

Upon a falling branch above the sleeping hound


It waits like a lark scavenging through water

Sharpening its claws with the skin of another

In vile and lust they seek some ground

The dusty road starts leading them out


A trap is set but for whom and how

The sand just moves like a snake charmers mouth

She looks and looks with eyes that sleep

The water around starts flowing upstream


Three chimeras walk upon the watery spades

Like snakes upon a desert that’s glazed

She runs to seek what she has heard

Is it the one she left unhurt?


They tiptoe their way around her stem

In a casting glimpse of those shiny drops

Under silver reflections in teary eyes

The fall made claim to a drop’off sight