Something strange is happening
Said the one who started away
It is the grey like always is
It is the clown who never wins

They come and come till ever more
Another glance is keeping score
The bear has taken all she needs
Considering it is all buried

Tender somber like settled snow
The wounds seem healed, you never know
The crack is spoken about again
Let’s walk away to Bethlehem

Fools-town folk just always see
Peeping through mirrors they broke
The angst against the untypical
Tears apart its own big veil

Whispered songs do find the path
The folk ways just cause memories
Palms keep talking ever more
There is a story it it’s core

Melodies hold the line that’s thin
A stranger starts to just walk in
The cream is always what is seen
The core is what we always seek

The forest goes blind like its own creed
A wizards craft comes back to need
The palm speaks now in whispering
The circle breaks among the kings