Ponder wandering wayward thoughts

Wistful memories of afterglow

Dancing glory and winding roads

This story leads to calming doors

Like blue horns of the unicorn

In a pine of orchards away in mist

The glass shines on its burning light

The winds start flowing in colors bright

In dance of sounds we lose oneself

The burning love, of souls cry in

The peace of sorrow comes by again

It says “Hi”, I say “Hello”

In a phantoms race we gather on

A frightful road starts winding down

There is a light in end of sway

I’ll choose the guide that brings her blade

My flight comes by and I wonder why

It is too early to journey away

Some find the route to exit space

It is me who wonders how I’d die

I shall be, just be around somewhere

The tunnel shows no signs of a rabbit’s lair

Should I tempt a fall in others midst?

Or wait as I do in all her glory