Seathing harrows cross our minds
Endless talks can someday stop
An ending game I played out now
The repercussion finds one nomadic soul

The game is played from both sides
Will there be an end in glaze?
Glory passes in a fleeting glimpse
A line I crossed cannot be drawn

Rumours fly around the sway
Like a catfish darting aimlessly
A tease can always comprehend
The blind will never feel again

The blots now start to fade away
Like water from a drying cloth
It’s longing to ask for reminisce
May pass away in floating clouds

Not here nor there it’s always lost
The greater scheme comes back to sway
A chance that was just called upon
Is thrown into the dusty storm

A floating point in paradise
Collided with a spec of glaze
The dreaming of its starry night
Swayed away in blazing might