In a shadow of mist
She waits she waits
The sultry dusk starts to grow
He just walks by looking around
In meagre winds
She waits she waits

When ice is bourne
On the navals breach
He skids and slides
Inside of her
The hills start moving far away
Her black twirls start getting him astray

From Mayer and Clapton
He learns not much
She knows he’s loosing grip as such
Like Beawolf in the cave
Like the songs of staves
For him alone
She waits she waits

The walls start breaking
It’s not in grasp
The wonders of lust can mend its path
In seams and grooves he slips and falls.
Into her arms he crashes again

If what he sees is as he sees
And wonder is nothing but wanted needs
Her love is what can tempt him now
In wonderlust
She waits she waits