Apart from a linger a soul is in flight
When everyone wanders into empty nights
The longing and desire of penchants stream
Is love ever what we bleed?

The golden reddish hues never fade away
A craving for winter still makes her sway
A dew drops on her neck and it’s all he needs
The desire has found the penchants greed

“Come come my dear” she exclaimed and how
His sense of wonder had woken up now
In dreams of sway they waltzed around
The mood of slumber was underground

The extremes of love could never fight
If one lost fate the other found light
In textures of tan, In strokes of his hand
She found the sun in wonderland

The comfort in touch and ecstacy
“Don’t run don’t run” he tried her breeze
Looking near and far for clues of penchants
He found her where he never looked.