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To me, the most memorable scene in Dev D is the one where Paro takes a mattress from home and ties it to her cycle. When she reaches the edge of the field, she abandons the cycle, lifts the mattress on her shoulder and marches to the clearing where she lays it down and waits for her lover. There are no words spoken and the camera holds her face close. Her expression is one of intense seriousness. You can see her desire is a field force of intensity that fuels every step. She is determined to see it through, to let that desire take over herself completely; not surrender to it but to let it explode out of her. You know that when she meets Dev, the sex would be passionate and powerful.  And yet, in the south Delhi multiplex where I was watching the…

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Paradigm Parody

Unto strange ways he goes into flow
Down with a lead he rose from ash
Falling away toward a flock of cloud
The laugh is a joke he once knew not

Love from one is long gone away
It comes back like wings of angels
To choose from a list of threaded vows
Its simple without rules that fall apart

Dancing aloof and holding on tight
It looked like the lights were blinking away
To glory and death To smile and grin
His thoughts faded away and intensified within

Among the loved are those that go
Some hold rays of golden palms
Like shining darkness the path is clear
A crystal lies among the roses

Some black and gold Some white and copper
His faults were stitched like those in nine
Trending a smile of visionary bliss
The joke he turns toward the kiss

Find a way home and back to the start
He drops a hat at the sound of a look
Seeing lines of silver under the horizon
He changed his trade into the light

Of lost ways and emerging hues
Of dancing moons and searching quenches
It remains a mystery of frozen masses
The love that’s lost returns to his hand

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