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Diaries v24

A slow stream of shooting stars
Gathered upon the tribe
Halting along the line of us
Setting our fire alight

April got to see this shower
In forms of poetry and glee
A fold has come to stay within
And time for some to spree

Then returns a throne that held
Some hands to save a tree
Then returns a throne that gave
Those hands to build that tree

The stars shot by
Together they had risen
These stars shot by
With all their glow

Adieu to you oh silent hill
Adieu to those that climbed
Adieu to fear and trembling
Adieu to lonely nights

Them brave and strong
In places along
To face what none had seen
A glimpse of hope
We strung along
To show what face was seen

This is me
This is you
This is forever us now
This is them
This is us
This is forever us now



When we spoke Without


Dragging on an exciting dream
The sun rose as in gathering
In jest and heart and civic smart
With food that came musically bound

Lead on the way from far away
We come we come
To follow them
We come we come
To lead them on
We come we come
To go hand in hand
We come we come
To be symphony

Dusty paths lead the ways
With cleaner ways and stones astray
But lo behold a Pushkin hey’s
And Krishna runs as promised days

Intuitive walks bring rays of might
The green wild path does reignite
In love we are in our LaLaLand
We step in now in embracing hands

Who knew who knew
Nobody knew
Who knew who knew
Somebody knew
Who knew who knew
Everybody knew
Strangers in LaLaLand
Everybody knew

A grace began and two times loved
The three made a painting like flowing dew
All seemed as dreams took shape or no
Igniting sparks of afterglow

Some tears held back
Some let to flow
Some memories gifted
Some held in cries
Some smiles spoke music
Some steps creaked moans
Some painted their love
Some came to be

Grateful magicians we all became
Of love and light with burdened grace
Pondered guided and held with care
A nurturing spirit was held in there

The shape not seen
The faith not heard
The soul we held in wandering
Like unicorns claim some faith today
We called upon our hearts for claim

In heart and mouth and gullible taste
We closed the door to this secret base
Like love needed a place to hide
No no it’s nurture and not inside

Come back come back
To me to me
Come back come back
To me to see
Come back come back
I hold onto
Come back come back
Your stories I brew


Performances of a broken heart

Performances of a broken heart

I don’t care is what we think
And walk on like it’s a funny thing
Let’s stop and check if all is fine
Passers by don’t seem to mind

Hear hear what we say and seek
We got lost in the forest of stories
The Moon shone down and cast a spell
A hand in clue didn’t find me home

The beat went on and on and on
I wished it wouldn’t be this soon
Amends were made or at least tried
In grasp of valves he had to lie

If only the night didn’t ever end
If only the next day started pretense
If only the stupid valve hadn’t lost
If only she didn’t pick that song
If only a might could hold them sway
If only an A and B could stay
If only he knew the moon was not
If only she knew the sun was lost

In songs of rain and crisp dead leaves
Like an ocean kissing the fisherman’s feet
Over the winds that cast their glory
We leave our souls hanging to dry

Another maybe they’ll have to love
Together they won’t find a piece of peace
Could there be a doubt of fire ?
Amongst the broken valve’s desire

Find me another in jest and then
Maybe the seven will enter the rain
The repetition of performances run aside
They linger amongst the angst and night

Walk away from my other side
She says he says did he decide?
Finders keepers did not come by
Like an old man waiting to die in dreams

The calm brought down another song
Like broken glasses and cutlery
No one could mend what was thrown
Maybe it’s when the shadow was owned


Patient Virtue

Starring smoke and chaos rounds
Amongst the wandering ones that fly
I try a different path for time
It’s closing upon another sky

We move along a baited lane
With promise of some sliding trains
Gathering clouds seem to create some moss
The grey blinds wink with their youngest monk

A snail we learnt has evolved from then
With hunched over dreams inside itself
A pace like linger and storm’s ahead
The eyes kept gazing at itself

In mind and manner
In wonder and laze
In most parts broken
In a pieced up daze
In lipstick and perfume
In strapless one pieces
In blue diamond crystals
She swayed his way

Into a trance and foreign waters
The night slipped on forward
Like a dawn of vamps in apocalypse
The ground lit up in its reflection

To reach and ponder at a walking den
Was habit or not she knew his word
A choice in mind brought back a smile
Today’s patience is tomorrow’s child


Sunburn Memory

They woke from their dream
Realising it’s not
Both facing each other
Eyes wide in thought

He knew
She knew
This was the last look
They’d give each other
For the times they could

Undressed they were
For it felt they were safe
The glitter had gone
Into roots of each day

A fire of sorts
She carried for him
Like the path he walked
In search of her dream

Endless the thread
Of thoughts he chained
The same wandering
She left to the streams

Bags ready and down
One last embrace left
This summer had begun
On a heated pretence

Crossed Paths

Amongst all imposes I strife away
Resemblance of complex is simple clay
In an appearance we see a sense
Apart from self in one pretence

Resign in form of a higher grain
Intense is love or is it pain
Coherent in applause and apathy
It’s claim on me is new destiny

Under the rain is a seek upon
Hammered a head is wonder down
Crazy maybe you see my song
Don’t think of my head in Babylon

Tender a line of thoughts we sway
Grains of dew keep falling today
Seamless in breaks I find my ice
Poison for self is under my strife

Wonder and amaze keep singing on
Weeping my guitar I strum along
Amazement we seek to loose our few
Pretense comes out when you see me then

Go find yourself maybe I won’t say
I’m mine to me and not your way
Forgetting is easy.. is it now?
We all will go on paths of blunder down

The music ended from me today
Maybe it will, return it’s sway
Why is it, we seek we seek
An answer, only from the meek

In guts and glory and might and thought
Lost are some lands of bridges sought
To burn them down maybe easy
It’s now or never or when paths cross over

To shine away into a cosmic wind
And leave a grace of wonder and filth
It’s compassion maybe but I’ll just pass
The deserved ones get what others might not

~ hayed

Rays of Might, Gaze of Gratitude

I chose to see from their perspective
In glances of wonder and some surprise
Reading a memory it started down
The grandfather’s clock started its round about
Come come said one I’ll take you there
Reluctantly I said maybe someday
No no today is as good as can be
I smiled maybe it’s a different night
In time and glimpses they looked so strange
Maybe it’s closer to run away
I see I see that’s how you are
They asked me if I was a little sane
Yes was easy, but I chose no
To what pleasure did I owe the wonder
The glances grew blind and closer to day
I saw another walk away again
Maybe I’m sure of uncertainty
Surely I’m confused of conformity
When roots go down for good of one
The others latch on in garden songs
Forgive forgive no means to stay
In your wonderland I’ll pause but at your space
Its eyes that talk more than everything. Not
It’s the ways of draining our heads in pot.
A glimpse please peek for maybe I’m right
Today you see me in sunsets might
Ablaze in glory I see your joys
Blessed are they who claim your choice
I think I’ll walk like I always do
Come come won’t work as I adieu
At feet of many and tears of some
The sounds of glory are saved in depths

Glimpses of The Lost

At the two ends of that same line
One apart one torn inside
Like a fear that stops its own breath
Two look upon what joys she gave
Inside an edge of glimpses of shadows
Three lovelorn wonders sheepishly seek
Another look of their muse, What muse?
Four women ignore those glares inbound
In faults and mercy he drinks away
Five days have gone by in her thoughts of sway
Maybe she too remembers him
Six weeks maybe Or is it too much
Glimpses of shades in colorless hues
Seven dusky damsels go around his rues
Some straps of light beckon her thought
Eight haters surround his hazy gaze
He remembers her hand in gloss grey light
Nine contours of silk, they danced those nights
Sleepless now with the knife that worked
Ten hours went by in her eyes he woke
A ballet maybe she felt with them
Eleven roof tops they jumped with her
In numbers he lost her grace of blue
Twelfth night came upon a martian dew
They danced
He swayed
She drank
He played
They slept
She cried
He stared
They smiled
She struck
He spoke
They awed
And fell
Thirteen wonders they explored
Together each made their own great mask
As strong as thread on a burning branch
The count was drowned in her slender arch
Pashmina was back like in their hands
The dreams were woven around her harp
His fingers caressed upon
What thought were left on the rug left back
Like sparkles and dreams
Like wonders and screams
Like silk and nectar
Like an up and below
Like us and them
Today they were gone
Too far away
From the door she looked
He had walked astray
The glimpses remain
In woven threads
Her mind and his
Still longed for theirs
Glimpses of The Lost

Grey Tin Giants

From the smoke of its path
It emerges like majesty
Over the bridge and under the stars
Steaming a path it flies on

Like a left and right
And a left and right
The wheels go on and on
Reciting themselves
Like poetry to a song
The path is wayward wandering now

I like to just stand at the door
To soak in the country and ghat and shores
To look and gaze at the skies that stay
With trees that start running again

From a bridge we hear the stories that bind
A long lost tale
Of a lovers plight

Some go happy
Some go sad
Some just linger
Some thoughtful tad

A big grey giant
It sometimes is
The few that stay
Stay for the love of it

In early morning snacks
In late night chai’s
With rummy in the groups
And antakshari plans
Some marriages are made
To travel the beast
Some families stay like homes on wheels

The to and fro sway
That gently rocks
Our souls to sleep
And winters meet

3 friends stay up
To share some joy
Two lovers are up
To share their eyes

When children run by
And innocently smile
They know their chaos
Is for a welcome tribe

Like a journey upon
The water and sky
Some under the caves
Some into the clouds

The hoot
The whistle
The porters
And sighs

This journey can end
But will never stop
They are made as giants
For stories to go on

Grey Tin Giants

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