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…to leave and measure up another realm
while walking away or into this space
they come and go like monotony
In desperation sometimes In apathy

…Unjust lies awake in parts that mended
The iron clad seats are resisting the cold
with blood and smiles and a strange silver glow
when dancers slip down in rabbit holes

…designed to prey and glide in dreams
with parts of weapons and anomalies
the cut that drew its blood one time
did not do justice to finding peace

…in a rush of blue blood to the head
and pride and honor with a little digress
the love of self was lost in seams
the faith of a burial seemed close at hand

…it was time to leave and leave for good
to play the parasite in its own accord
when the circle goes round to loose itself
it is only then, that it comes around

morning calls

….and the rantings then changed
from white to weather and pouring rains
like moonlight which starts fading away
to give rise to another sway

…if love was as easy as them somehow
we wouldn’t know of when and now
and story nights apart from hers
we watch in gleam of wanderers

…from magic streams of growing horns
and sways of glitter and shoddy halls
in strength and ponder, in light and yonder
she crept onto the grey woolen crowd

…like slippery doors that don’t give way
in aftermaths and older ashtrays
like everything just seems alright
it is just then that brightness bites

…we hear the calling without a muse
and then the simple sound comes loose
Of creeping walls and greener snow
they come to take us to afterglow.


Something strange is happening
Said the one who started away
It is the grey like always is
It is the clown who never wins

They come and come till ever more
Another glance is keeping score
The bear has taken all she needs
Considering it is all buried

Tender somber like settled snow
The wounds seem healed, you never know
The crack is spoken about again
Let’s walk away to Bethlehem

Fools-town folk just always see
Peeping through mirrors they broke
The angst against the untypical
Tears apart its own big veil

Whispered songs do find the path
The folk ways just cause memories
Palms keep talking ever more
There is a story it it’s core

Melodies hold the line that’s thin
A stranger starts to just walk in
The cream is always what is seen
The core is what we always seek

The forest goes blind like its own creed
A wizards craft comes back to need
The palm speaks now in whispering
The circle breaks among the kings

…and it goes

…and then I found the sound of us
in sorrow and joy in soulful glows
tender was meaning in apathy
in some way now we found the need

…another way down we saw the fire
in mist and mountain and in satire
wander and wander through castles we did
it is not new to feel abyss

…a fleeting glimpse of sound we see
is it another fade in memory?
winding down roads that fall away
this is what finds me in her blaze

…flying through gallows of sweeping wind
in courage and peace she is buried in
it is but pain and faults we see
she watches another memory

…goodbye… goodbye..she tries to weep
the chords just struggle to find her keep
we are but dazed to see this sound
in glory box she mends her self


Ponder wandering wayward thoughts

Wistful memories of afterglow

Dancing glory and winding roads

This story leads to calming doors

Like blue horns of the unicorn

In a pine of orchards away in mist

The glass shines on its burning light

The winds start flowing in colors bright

In dance of sounds we lose oneself

The burning love, of souls cry in

The peace of sorrow comes by again

It says “Hi”, I say “Hello”

In a phantoms race we gather on

A frightful road starts winding down

There is a light in end of sway

I’ll choose the guide that brings her blade

My flight comes by and I wonder why

It is too early to journey away

Some find the route to exit space

It is me who wonders how I’d die

I shall be, just be around somewhere

The tunnel shows no signs of a rabbit’s lair

Should I tempt a fall in others midst?

Or wait as I do in all her glory

Fading Star

Seathing harrows cross our minds
Endless talks can someday stop
An ending game I played out now
The repercussion finds one nomadic soul

The game is played from both sides
Will there be an end in glaze?
Glory passes in a fleeting glimpse
A line I crossed cannot be drawn

Rumours fly around the sway
Like a catfish darting aimlessly
A tease can always comprehend
The blind will never feel again

The blots now start to fade away
Like water from a drying cloth
It’s longing to ask for reminisce
May pass away in floating clouds

Not here nor there it’s always lost
The greater scheme comes back to sway
A chance that was just called upon
Is thrown into the dusty storm

A floating point in paradise
Collided with a spec of glaze
The dreaming of its starry night
Swayed away in blazing might

The Mist

In a shadow of mist
She waits she waits
The sultry dusk starts to grow
He just walks by looking around
In meagre winds
She waits she waits

When ice is bourne
On the navals breach
He skids and slides
Inside of her
The hills start moving far away
Her black twirls start getting him astray

From Mayer and Clapton
He learns not much
She knows he’s loosing grip as such
Like Beawolf in the cave
Like the songs of staves
For him alone
She waits she waits

The walls start breaking
It’s not in grasp
The wonders of lust can mend its path
In seams and grooves he slips and falls.
Into her arms he crashes again

If what he sees is as he sees
And wonder is nothing but wanted needs
Her love is what can tempt him now
In wonderlust
She waits she waits

The Question’s

If why was here then hello
It’s such a pleasure
The trance may be upon us

Where am I dreaming
Where am I strange

If who came by then throw me
Away from darkness
Into a sequence of clouds

How am I dreaming
How am I strange

If when walks into my mind
Through her mist and fog
Where white gaps fill green spaces

Why am I dreaming
Why am I strange…

Of Drama

The fade that tempts upon itself
Respite or horror you choose tomorrow
When all is gone we trade a spine
Dew drops cleanse out on center stage

A dream brings back the smile again
The flights of fantasy fall half way

White trance starts swaying into tonight
The seven that drilled and drilled again
A pattern in hand at crossroads come by
Tonight the soul is fading away

A dream brings back the smile again
The flight of fantasy climbs back half way

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